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Well here another way of making the for-the-good-of-NCAD arguement (as opposed to the good of Dublin arguement which must be self-evident), Dublin now has a healthy fee-paying third level sector, there is RCSI, NCI, GCD, DBS, Portobello and the American College for a start, RCSI is obviously a first rate place, some of the others are at a pretty high level too, beyond these there is a huge number of language schools and training colleges, of varying standard, but some are well established and growing educational businesses. Now these places are businesses and have to make decisions based on common sense and not bluster, they need to look like serious places, educaton is all about reputation, and they need to attract students, they need to have the facilities of the city at hand, they need somewhere with good transport links. They almost all cluster as close as they can get to Stephen’s Green and they almost all include old and often reused buildings. Are there any near Belfield?

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