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Rough text

Enforcement Officer
Dublin 1 section
Enforcement Section
Floor 2 Block 4
Civic Officesw
Wood Quay
Dublin 8

15th Septemeber 2005

Dear Sir,

I wish to complain on breaches of planning permission 4215/04 as granted by Dublin City Council and as qualified by condition 1 of the permission

‘ There is a discrepancy between the conclusion of the conservation report submitted with the application and the report of the City Council’s Conservation Officer, dated 18/01/05, following the recent opening up works. In light of the third party objection to the demolition of the existing building, it is considered that the architectural and historic significance of the extant eighteenth-century fabric be fully assessed at this juncture. The applicant is asked to submit a revised Conservation Statement, which should be informed by the nature and extent of original fabric uncovered as a result of the opening up works viewed on the 13/01/05 as part of the submitted additional information request. It is noted that the applicant’s conservation consultant is asked to contact the area planner before the submission of this clarification to facilitate a joint detailed site inspection in conjunction with the City Conservation Officer.’

It is clear that the conservation report was flawed as indicated by the photos enclosed with this letter. We request that enforcement procedings be commenced with the greatest of urgency given the gravity of this matter.

Yours Sincerely

Concerned Citizen


1. Planning Condition 1
2. Images (2-5)

Do not forget to put your full name and address as it will be invalidated if you do not.

That’s a request for clarification of further information you’ve quoted, not a grant of planning permission.

An Taisce and the Irish Georgian Society had made third party submissions to the original planning application, expressing concern that the remaining extent of the classical stone building underneath the ‘60s skin needed to be established – and to ask whether there was a possibility of saving the building – before proceeding with redevelopment plans. When it became clear that the building was beyond saving (i.e. after opening up works described in a Further Information report had shown incompleteness in the remains of the building – the portico had been mostly removed and sections of wall to Dorset Street had been replaced in render – and also because, were the shell of what remained of the building to be kept at that point, who would have taken on the immense task of restoring it?), a meeting was held to discuss a Salvage Plan for the building as it survived. It was agreed that a section of wall would be salvaged and reconstructed either within the new hotel, or somewhere else in the vicinity. Other good stonework would also be salvaged.

The demolition of the building has to be carried out in accordance with this Salvage Plan (which is available at the public planning counter).

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