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@Meccano wrote:

I came on here a year ago at my wits end, looking for advice. All I got was cat calling and abuse.
Now the shoes on the other foot. Don’t expect my sympathy.

Having just re-read this entire thread from the top, I fail to see where you got any ‘cat calling and abuse’. Could you highlight some examples?

It appears to me that this thread drew a number of less frequent posters out of the woodwork who provided you with some sound, sensible and free advice. What you chose to do with that advice – which you specifically requested, don’t forget – was up to you.

With respect, I think many here will do with your advice – unsolicited, lest it need be pointed out – exactly what you did with theirs, except in their cases they’d be right to do so. As a non-architect, presumably it doesn’t apply to me.

Thanks for dropping by with the update. If we need another, we’ll be in touch.

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