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meccano, wearnicehats point is that an architect is never engaged to GET planning permission, .. the engagement is only ever to apply for the permission……. in my opinion its only semantics and a usual error used by clients, once its explained to them they understand fully….. as you clearly do…..

no architect would be stupid enough to work on a ‘no foal no fee’ basis……..

i must say that from what youve described you clearly have spent a long time thinking about and designing your own dwelling… this is probably a major issue for him…..

in my opinion i would terminate any contract you have with him, quoting difference of understanding of brief (you want him to draw up your design, he wants to design his own)….

ask him for a quotation for work to date (keeping in mind you dont have anything workable, … and ask for a consise breakdown of expenses and fees)………. do this in writing…… pay him and leave amicably…..

then maybe consider engaging a professional that will ‘draw up’ your design and prepare the planning application….. this may not be an architect……

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