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@Meccano wrote:

The architect ignored the obvious solution and pursued one which (IMHO) was ugly, a poor use of space, and doomed to failure due to its impact on the local buildings….I sit here now not knowing whats going on in the guys head…I have no idea if he’s even working on the project any more.
What a bloody nightmare!

If your relationship/ lines of communication are that poor, I think ciai’s advice might be best –
@ciai wrote:

give up him!

Might be worth the while just to let him go – you dont owe him cash, and it seems that for whatever reason your + his ideas are all at odds witheach other. If it were me, I’d let part on good terms, take a few weeks off + then look at it all agian. Best of luck either way. The only thing that I’m a bit confused by though is that you said “the planners had already seen my own idea and approved it.” :confused:

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