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I wouldnt be too focused on the posters semantics… most clients would use the same phrasing.

The percieved problem here, in my opinion, is that you seem to want to design the dwelling…
@Meccano wrote:

I engaged him to design a house, which I had very clear ideas about. I gave him detailed instructions….

some architects have issues regarding the input the client has into the conceptual design, after all they are the trained professional. Maybe im wrong about this???

Has his total concept been shot down, or certain aspects of it (ie height? fenestration? etc)… is the design modern whereas you want traditional ??

To be honest, if his initial design has been shot done in a pre-planning meeting then it shows a lack of understanding, by him, with the councils requirements…. if this is case, and the concept was driven by him and not you, then he should not be requesting extra fee to redesign what was considered unacceptable.

without knowing any of the particulars of this, it may actually be the case where the architect is trying to pursue a forward and innovative design, which would be commendable,….. and is hitting the usually obstructions of a cenophobic council and inelastic client.

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