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@dowlingm wrote:

The problem with this whole plan is that it is literally as good as it gets. Olivia Mitchell has some decidely dubious notions about transport and has the Heuston-Spencer Dock interconnector in her sights. If there is a change of government a “review” (a delay) is certain.

@aj wrote:

maybe this is true but surely no new goverment would be so stupid… i think the goverment (despite the scepticism over whether or not they can deliver it) realises that the transport issue is a vote winner or loser!

No unfortunately not. Over the summer, the FG wing of the new plotical party “Finegael-and-labour” ( 😉 )brought out a survey, taken in Nth Dublin & its environs, that showed the vast majority of persons surveyed would prefer to use public transport for commuting. After an initial release & one or twp interviews, Olivia Mitchell completely changed tack & started banging on about the quality of signage on the M50 SEM. Open goal, govt with its pants down in terms of presiding over the unused Dublin – Drogheda – Navan railway, and all O.M. can do is rant about an issue of far less strategic importance. At a recent talk, Frank Mc D referred to her in terms of (roughly) “ravings of a mad Sth Dublin housewife” – an assessment that I am inclined to share.
There are talented people in “Finegael-and-labour”, such as Richard Bruton, but I am not convinced that O.M. is one of them. It is a poor reflection on that party that she was appointed to front-bench on an issue of such importance.
Sorry folks, I too wish that at least one of the major parties would have a competent pair of hands on this area 🙁

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