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@A-ha wrote:

I noticed a few days back that the Queens Old Caste looked absolutley rotten. For such a beautiful building, they make it look awful. Surely some organisation can force Argos or Virgin to paint it or do something to it anyway. It spoils the area!

I don’t know what you’re talking about. The building is painted white and looks clean and well-maintained.

The problem with the building is that you have to blot out the ground floor when you look at it because some idiot (either Virgin or a tenant before them) decided to put short Greek Doric columns with plain Doric capitals at their bases ( 😀 ) in the shop entrance, to “follow” the well-executed pedimented Greek Doric feature in the 1st floor. The result is disastrous – no proportional logic between the upper & lower part of the building.

See here for a daytime pic:

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