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@Graham Hickey wrote:

It’s not this building I presume given your description, but I think I know the one you mean – very fine.

That’s St. Peter’s & Paul’s, which externally and internally is quite spectacular – must get some inside shots some day. The detail is jaw-dropping. No.3 Paul Street is the building further north along that street at the ‘T-junction’ with Paul Street – quite inspiring. Thanks for the images Graham. I agree about Roches Stores – it just works well.

Devin – both the former Burtons and Grants Department Stores on Patrick’s Street are beautiful pieces. I posted something of them in the LADSOCL thread many moons ago and for a long while I had been investigating their re-usage. The upper floors are predominantly for storage in both buildings, with tacky ground floor signage (shudder!). Though the Grant Store has some usage on the upper floors, it is hardly appropriate for such a fine building. My intentions were to rearrange the internal order of the building’s floor usage to allow them open up into multi-tenant facilities whilst restoring their former glory. The Grant building would have had a complete elevation overhaul/refurbishment – much of the Patrick’s Street facade has become grotty and ill maintained – the revamp would have rectified that. Existing tenants could be maintained, but would require realteration. For example, Burger King would have maintained its location, only it would be reorganised over 2-floors (equating to the same floor space), so as to free up access and usage to other tenants. The English Market entrance would provide main access to the building with a restructured interior to accommodate a dome-like ceiling-based light access feature, looped balconies and new tenant space. Current interiors are somewhat lacking.

I feel much of the same could be achieved with the Burton’s store also, but on a smaller scale. It’s a shame to see such magnificent buildings go to waste when they possess so much potential – even from the proprietor’s stance, their renewal offers a source of increased revenue in the long-run.



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