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@shed wrote:

Im curious into what people will recognise as the architecture of this current era?

The average Mick and Bridget have their taste well-embedded in their nether regions. With their new money comes a desire to be fashionable, so what they build approximates to what resides where they have their taste – excremental piles. I always thought that the Killarney palaces were unsurpassable in tasteless bling; when in the NW last week I saw their twins. Mayo is as bad as Donegal. How could anyone put red brick capping on a random stone wall? Or put iron railings atop a 100metre fake drystone wall, while at the same time using machined Kilkenny limestone for gate piers? (electronic, of course).

So, modern Irish “styles” for me are :
1960’s white emulsion on breeze block interiors. Orange geometric carpets, curtains and furniture.
1970’s conversation pits, flat roofs, flokati rugs, red bricks and slitty lavatory windows. And a Castiglione rip-off for sophistication.
1980’s cornflake-box bungalows with crap windows, internal plastic “glazing bars.” Shiny roof slates.
1990’s more plastic doors and windows; mad roof angles that serve little purpose. Veelux; Cobble-lock driveways and gravel gawrdens.
2000’s humpy roofs married to inclined planes (a la cow shed kissing a hay barn); ceiling to floor windows and timber cladding. Decking. Bits of copper or brushed steel.

As for the current fashion on the Ring of Kerry of erecting a dolmen in the front garden of every new one-off …
Ireland, Mother Ireland, you’re rearing them yet, its enough to make you puke your porridge.

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