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John’s Gate and Mungret Gate gave access to a wider hinterland than the island gates, and were probably the location of the biggest markets. Street names such as Cabbage Street and White Wine Lane (where white wine was the colloquial name for milk) suggest the location of markets. Again the date at which the names were applied is unknown and may reflect seventeenth and eighteenth century activities for which there is corroborative evidence.

The Milk Market, formally a corn market, is the only open market area to survive. Located under the town wall, just within Mungret Gate, this enclosure illustrates the influence the gates had on the topography of the town. Every Saturday this market area, probably mediaeval in origin and protected by an ancient law, is still the scene of a busy market where Limerick citizens can buy the freshly grown produce of local farmers and market gardeners.

Book ~ The Building of Limerick ~ Judith Hill (1991)


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