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It looks like the City Centre link up won’t be constructed at all. It’s not in any of the diagrams
and once the metro is built it’ll probably be axed for being not needed

Why exactly will it not be needed?
Because for a short bit, it follows close to the metro north tram route is enough reason that its shouldn’t be built? You see the metro north tram has nothing to do with line BX/D. The Luas line goes somewhere else.

The problem is that current plan just shows Line BX/D heading to Broadstone and terminate at Liffey Jtn where it meets the Maynooth (soon to be a DART) line. However this line is envisaged to eventually be extended to Finglas, which was strangely left out altogether of the T21 plan. Cut out the Centre Luas link up and Finglas will be left out altogether,

And this brings me to a problem I have with T21. The T21 programme seems to have little regard for any other potential project after 2016. What about

  • The DART to Drogheda and to Kildare.
  • The Metro South from Stephens Grn to Tallaght via Harolds X and Kimmage,
  • The Luas from Howth Jtn to meet the Metro North through Dublin North Central,
  • The Quad tracking of the existing DART line from Clontarf to Howth Jtn
  • Trams for Cork, Limerick, Galway
  • High-speed lines to Belfast and Cork

I would have included the “possible” Luas from Broadstone to Dundrum via Harold’s Cross, but this surprisingly pop up recently as Line E.

There will be a need for more transports lines after T21 yet this is totally ignored.

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