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@rumpelstiltskin wrote:

That’s the point, your condemnation includes the phrase “what other city”. What vulgarity would compel somebody to put a FERRIS WHEEL next to the most famous parliament building in the world, ruining the panorama? Might as well just stick a giant red nose on big ben. What insanity caused somebody to plonk a BIG SPIKE right in the centre of the main street in Dublin? Doesn’t it just look like a syringe? What UTTER MADNESS caused somebody to put, of all things, a GLASS PYRAMID in the middle of one of the most historic buildings in Paris? Why not put a glass sphynx on top of the Arc de Triomphe while they’re at it! And how uncivilised must have been all those who ruined the historic low rise streetscape of New York by plonking monstrosities like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building right in the middle of them? BARBARIANS!!!!!!!!

My analogy might have been dubious, but yours are off the wall completely:)

You made a good point about the originality of the cable-car idea.

I do agree with you on that point. It would be better to have an original attraction, even if a bit flawed, rather that go for pale copy of someone else’s attraction.

Unfortunately, the visual impact of the giant, ungainly, supports looks (to me anyway) to be too big of a price to pay. I don’t think Dublin needs a new attraction that badly.

Maybe if the supports were sculpted up a bit, or set behind the North Quays, it would have less negative impact of the primary Liffey vistas.

If you check back, you’ll see that I’ve actually never said a bad word about this proposal, and that ‘clothes line’ jibe could have been interpreted either way;)

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