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Just to expand on what Niall said earlier: no NO NO NO

Demonstrating just how farcical a proposal this is, I thought the thread’s removal from Ireland was down to it being a practical joke after all, and that it had been deleted :rolleyes:

Whatever about the historic city core, any city would be destroyed with such muck draped across its skyline – what a hideous concotion it is. Talk about one-off house syndrome that F McD so vents on about – building a structure to capture a view only to devastate the very landscape the vantage point is being built on.

It’s an ugly idea, a pointless idea in contrast with other tourist possibilities, and a fundamentaly stupid-looking one. A small Irish city, as flat as a pancake, barely rising above five storeys, with cable cars strung above it in some sort of techno-space-age-Jetsons fantasy for the benefit of camera clicking tourists.
What an embarrassment.
Dump it now City Council before you end up with a Grattan Bridge II of mammoth proportions.

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