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The Liebskind theatre really does look insane at the minute – the way so much heavy, heavy structure appears to be hanging off those two massive concrete cantilevers at either end… Quite dramatic. I hope the finished product dosent cover up too much of the structural heroics.

The addition of the white blocks at the top makes a massive improvement to the hotel although the facade is generally let down by some of the more awkward detailing, particularly at the base. I have to say I love the way the ground floor interior is shaping up – the sheer intricacy of those formations on the ceiling is extremely impressive from a craft point of view, plasterboard or not. I believe there’s a lot of lighting integrated into the cracks and crevases so I’d say it’ll be pretty amazing when finished. Just as long as they leave it all white – I heard a rumour that the interior designers were wanting to paint the ceiling all sorts of different colours to make it feel more “opulent”. Ugh…

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