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@TLM wrote:

The original design was meant to echo the Burren landscape and I think if it had been built as drawn in the original design (as posted by JoePublic) it would have looked interesting. Unfortunately looks pretty pathetic from the photos above though..


‘meant to echo the Burren landscape’? I’m not having that!

The last time I was in the Burren, the words ‘chequerboard block’ never came into my head. The echos of the Burren that come immediatly to mind are ‘wild’, ‘rugged’, undulating’, ‘layered’, this building is a ‘block’. They couldn’t have made it anymore block like if they had built it out of Lego.

I do recall clearly the ‘hewn out of a single something’ comment, which I filed away in the back of the head with a post-it note (can’t wait to see this) on it, but I don’t recall any ‘echos of the Burren’ comment. Surely that would be an abuse of language!

Joe Public’s pic.

On the issue of the top storey: I don’t think we need worry too much, there’s no way they’re not going to come along now and clamp on some ‘three dimensional’ version of the facing panels here, you know, to retain the integrity.

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