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@JoePublic wrote:

Hopefully this is not the case though, but I ain’t feeling optimistic.

Nor I, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. The ‘finished’ side of the top floor wouldn’t inspire confidence.

Well put. Like many people, I knew much about the Jewish Museum before finally paying it a visit, and fortunately it didn’t disappoint when I saw it in person, but its appearance has rapidly become a house style to be applied like wallpaper, with diminishing returns each time. Given the dilution that seems to have taken place with each design revision of the Grand Canal building, one wouldn’t hold out too much hope here either, if the MAM hotel is a reliable guide.

The only other building of Libeskind’s that I’ve liked as much as the Jewish Museum is the Boilerhouse Extension of the V&A (but I’ve yet to see that one in the flesh ;)). Love it, hate it, or both at the same time, at least it appears to have been thought out on its own terms, not in the context of a house style. But I’m digressing.

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