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@Paul Clerkin wrote:

I think the city should tell siptu that they can demolish it and build a perfect replica of the Northumberland Hotel version of Liberty Hall with no planning process / appeals, and see what they think….

Couldn’t agree more Paul, and I would go further and add the same proviso for Hawkins House and the ESB redevelopment on Fitzwilliam Street. However, as a quid-pro-quo, I would allow tall buildings to be constructed in the Docklands….but of course that would never happen because An Taisce want to have their cake and eat it.

I hate to labour the point but I am somebody who has been moved from being fairly anti-development into a supporter almost purely due to the sheer bloody minded theocratic objections of An Taisce. Furthermore, ABP are not much better, they seem to have taken the role upon themselves of not only ensuring that development plans are adhered to but also deciding which parts of the development plants they want to disgard!


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