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An Taisce called for an independent regulator to be appointed to investigate the planning function of Dublin City Council.
“It is a waste of time and scarce resources for major applications to be processed through the planning system, if they are then overturned because they are found to be in breach of local and national policy.”

I think the real issue that needs to be investigated here is why two different sets of expert Public Sector Planners have come to entirely opposite conclusions and, in the process, have succeeded in wasting so much of everybody’s time.

In 1984 the reverse happened on the Irish Life George’s Quay site. Dublin City Council would only give planning permission for a development with a limit of 12 stories. This was appealed to An Bord Pleanala who gave a decision to build 34 stories!!!
So called expert Planners!!

Applicants should not be asked to jump through all these hoops like circus dogs.

Anyone for residential in the obsolete stump that is Liberty Hall? :crazy:

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