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Personally I’d like to see the whole thing restored to it’s original 60s (pre-bomb) look.

Try thinking of it in this light – Imagine if some victorians said, “sod this – lets put victorian buildings around Merrion Square” – there would be no physical record of the Georgian buildings to look at. Fast forward a few centuries we are looking to get rid of liberty hall (and a few seek to get rid of O’Connell Bridge House) – by doing this we would lose two of the defining buildings of Dublin – like it or not these two 60s buildings are worthy of preservation, purely so that future generations can see these defining buildings.

I’m not an apologist for these buildings and there is plenty of others (Hawkins House, Clanwilliam Court etc) that I’d be delighted to see rid of, as well as most of the legoland crap apartment complexes that have been built in the last 15-20 years.

By all means knock the crap but keep the buildings that define the city.

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