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it seems to me that nobody but nobody thinks that this building should be left like it is. what about if we returned to it to how it looked in the sixties? im guessing nobody’s in favour of that either. i’ll tell you why, because it’s an ugly building which might be made acceptable by being completely redone in a modern style. the problem is that if it’s redone, it’s no longer a representative of its time. so we might as well pull it down because it ruins the quays and because the city centre belongs to everybody, not just to fans of short lived architectural styles, and making it a pleasant, aesthetically pleasing place to live in is for the benefit of most people. the very centre of dublin and of ireland is o’connell bridge and i think it says a lot about this country that almost every direction you look in you see a new monstrosity.

No it should be returned to how it looked in the 60’s – what you see now is a bastardised version of the original, following the bombing in 1973 the windows were replaced with horrible reflective glass (loosing the original transparency) which is now flaking, the mosaic has been plastered over, the lighting scheme for the building was repaired once in the 1990s (and the roof looked great).

In essence the building has not been maintained, if it were refurbished to original spec it would look great. Reopen the observation platform on the roof which was closed due to the troubles (which are over for 10 years now) and make Liberty Hall great again.

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