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Unless more building would be going up in the surrounding area, its pointless to put something bigger in its place.

Using the theatre as well as liberty hall is the only way to get a good building in there, something to be proad of. The space is too small to stick anything good unless other buildings nearby complemented it.

Whats Tara street station going to look like? Thats the big question. Somethings going ontop of it, so whatever that looks like that will help determin what Liberty hall’s future state should be. If anything it should stay similar or simply stay.

One idea could be to use the theatre site to build something along side it that connects too its western face. Completly alter the tower, but keep most of it. Difficult and mad, and could look like frankenstein’s monster, but its just an idea.

If irish life was visable in the sky line it would be so bad either, but its squat and brown. A nice design, but it needs a good lick of paint and more plants.

Oh and please, if Tara Street is going up up and away. Please could they take down DOHC. Thats just awful. Even nestled between 4 and 5 story buidlings that concrete legoblock is just awful. And that building behind it is no better.

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