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@Peter Fitz wrote:

Whatever about the latter, affection cannot be misguided. If people like it, they like it.

Why do people like it ?. Just because its been there for 40 odd years. Its a bug bearer I have with Dubliners and I think indicative of many of the problems Dublin faces. Its not that people love LIberty Hall, its that they really just dont like change, they’d prefer to retain an ugly 60.’s eyesore than risk replacing it with something new and innovative. Only in Dublin could people possibly have a cultural affection for two overbearing nondescript chimney stacks which ruin an otherwise stunning bay area. I think this ‘Dublin in the rare oul times’ attitude shows a lack of self-confidence and is at the root of why we have no iconic 21st century architecture in this city, why the high rise debate is so contentious, why the docklands (the best opportunity we had to go crazy architecturally) look like something from an IKEA flatpack and why planning generally in this city is soooo frustrating.

I feel much better after that vent 😉

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