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@Graham Hickey wrote:

Would you not want to conserve the original glass cobalt?

Yes I would, if that’s what it is, and it’s possible. But many of the panes are cracked or broken. The house has been horribly neglected. I’m not sure whether some of the intact panes are original… they look very uniform (to my untutored eye, and through all the dirt and masking tape!). If I got somebody like Bolger’s out, would they be able to tell me what’s original glass & what’s not? Or is there any easy way of telling?

Don’t worry – heavy curtains are on the way as an initial measure! But I won’t be sitting in a darkened room like Miss Havisham during the day! And unfortunately I’ve no south facing windows – house is East (front) – West (back).

As regards individually thermostat controlled rooms, that would be ideal, and a long term plan. But my budget won’t stretch that far at the moment. One step at a time…

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