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No coincidence that Tom Parlon launched this document at the National Ploughing Championships.

I’m sickened, but not remotely surprised, by this cheap, opportunistic electioneering. My reasons are the usual ones trotted out in these debates, not worth rehearsing here as they’ve been elaborated on at length in many other threads here already. One thing I think is worth highlighting, though, is the following quote from an article in Saturday’s Irish Times:

“Mr Parlon said rural dwellers should have the same rights as urban dwellers when it comes to deciding where to live.”

If anyone wants or needs me to comment on the plain stupidity and offensiveness of that statement, let me know and I’ll gladly oblige, but I think it should be clear to anyone with even half a brain.

EDIT: Having just downloaded it, I’ve a quick question- why is it in Word? Makes it look cheap, thrown together and unprofessional.
Have they never heard of PDFs? Or maybe they’ve only ever encountered the letters PDF as an abbreviated insult?

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