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i thought that was quite good. recently i did a house for my sister and her husband. and no it wasn’t in the countryside. in a town, behind his mothers house. i got an F.I. and responded to it. they turned it down on 3 completely different reasons. one being that no development in backlands of existing streetscapes. now, they won’t let you build ina town or in the countryside. they are trying to force everyone to live in estates. this needs to change and i agree ( i will brit bash) that needs to be stopped. ” we don’t consider ireland to be abroad” … does this not boil your blood.. who am i talking to…sure most of you would love that…and for that matter why is it still the royal institute of architects and while i’m here the royal national lifeboat association or any other royal institute…either we are a seperate country or not. my mother used to say ” that the country is in such a ruin that we should hand it back to the queen and apologies for the state we left it in ” … now obviously i was agast but it seems we never really got away from the queen in certain respects and with the way our main streets ( high streets is such a jaffa term ) are going we are handing it back inch by inch.if we are not careful they will start claiming it back

rant over – phew… jaysus i’m tired…

back to sense… while it is curropt, and it is very curropt ( i can never remember how to spell that but i don’t care ) we are never going to progress unless we stand on our own two feet and not try to copy everything they do.
someone said that there is a “not in my back yard” attitude. and yes there is for major infrastructure planning. i welcomed the governments fast track system for these jobs but it still can be held up by one objector costing us all a lot of money.
while i am in favour of one off housing i am not in favour of these shite that are blighting the countryside. in my perfect world they would all be architect’s designed and fit in perfectly with the landscape adding to the viewing pleasure of our visitors from the east down to our quaint part of the country spending their pounds ( oops sorry euros ) and of course designed by me 🙂 sorry couldn’t help that one. if there weren’t the box houses ( ikea probably are developing a kit house there are so many alike ) then it wouldn’t be half the battle to get one. the economic arguments are nonsense. you don’t pay for the one – off’s but you will never change your minds so i won’t even bother trying to again. the irda as an institutation is probably a good idea but it would have to have architectural and planners representation and dare i say it an taisce as well. then we would all be able to work together which would be nice for a change. we would have to leave the politicians out of it as they are just bull-shitters and would waste precious time.

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