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A good point. The domestic architecture of today is without doubt the new vernacular – something Phil raised before.
And by and large people do like what they’re getting – complaints about developments today relate to house size, or local facilities – not design.

It’s only when your eyes are opened to the ‘other side’, dare I say the ‘reality’ of it all, that one’s views completely change.
Reflected I think with the PVC issue and notable even on this site – when people realise the damage PVC does, or come across the alternatives to the product for new-build, they are generally sickened from that point on anytime they see the stuff.

To begin with you notice it on your neighbour’s house for the first time, then the next house, and the next, then you venture into town and it hits you like a hammer – oh no, oh God, it’s everywhere! 🙂
I often wish that shaft of light from heaven had never decended on me – could be happily walking around now with my eyes wide shut 🙂

The same applies for domestic development design, and architecture on a much broader level.

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