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The problem is, buildings and services we all need every affected somebody when they were built. But nobaody cares as long as its not beside them. Nobody wants big developments on their backdoor, but we all look forward to the new shopping centre opening up, even if its on somebody elses backdoor.
Its not really fair, but we have to make do.

I have to say that this case is very unusual as it would appear that you will be unable to appeal against any revised design proposals

If you werent happy with the revised drawings i think you may be entitled to apply for leave to appeal

You kind of took it out of context. Appeals have already been made by this stage. Its not like they can submit whatever they feel like and it gets the go ahead. the board probably granted the application with certain condions, for example they might of had to remove a story or two from the block. Once they do that in their drawings, It becomes just like any other grant of premission my an board pleanala.

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