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@KerryBog2 wrote:

Decco’s … does not go in very far, about 40 feet or so is my memory, and certainly not onto K Hill; sometimes we could go no further than 15 feet as it was silted up by sand/storm debris. A spring runs through it, so that clears it, often leaving a bank on one side and a long, deep pool on the left as you enter.

Assume you have seen these blog entries. Decco 1 Decco 2
I never had caving gear but on a recent revisit I took some photos. You have to belly your way through a narrow tunnel to get to the chamber where the pool is now on the right. I don’t know how much further back it really goes.

Apparently Beckett has Molloy living there at some stage.

My Ballybrack/Killiney stuff is gathered here.

I suppose we are straying a bit too far outside the canals for this thread 🙂

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