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Just in the interests of not spreading bad information, I checked Douglas Bennett’s Encyclopaedia of Dublin (1994).

This is his entry for Swift’s Alley Church:

A Baptist meeting house was built in 1653 in an alley between Francis Street and Meath Street with a lease from Goodwin Swift after whom the Alley is named. The building was demolished and a new one built in 1738. In 1835 it was leased as a chapel of ease to St. Catherine’s Church, when £3,000 was spent on refurbishing the building. Swift’s Alley Church was closed in 1891.

So Baptist, not Presbyterian, I knew there were Bibles involved, and not 300 years old, 270 years old.

I don’t suppose there are too many Baptists at large in the city any more.

It’s interesting to reflect that the Liberties was probably Dublin’s first multi-cultural quarter, with large numbers of Hugenot French, English settlers (such as Swift’s parents), colourful weaver types and exotic religious sub-groups. That would give modern day Parnell Street a run for it’s money.

I see that DCC are advertising for submissions on a ‘Draft Local Area Plan for the Liberties’, (deadline 10th Sept. ’08).

*must put together an outraged rant*

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