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The church was just behind the boundary wall on Swift’s Alley at the back of Chadwick’s yard (Dublin Saw Mills).

1986 revised edition O.S. map

The way I remember it, the roof and gables had been taken off and a large concrete top storey added (in the 30s ?). It either had a flat roof, or possibly no roof at the time that I became conscious of it. Forklift trucks used to whizz around it and a number of other interesting timber roofef sheds at the back of the builders providers, and then one day it was gone.

Around the same time, a Zoe apartment scheme was built opposite the Iveagh Markets on Francis Street that wrapped around the corner into Swift’s Alley and I not sure if the church site wasn’t incorporated into that site. That Zoe development was stalled for years in a half built state and there was talk of planning problems, but I doubt that the church was any part of these problems.

The similarities with St. Mark’s struck me too and the similarities would lead one to conclude that the simple over-hanging gutters and the little stone eaves brackets at St Mark’s may have been a Victorian alteration replacing parapet walls, as here at Swift’s Alley. The parapet walls do reduce the barn like dominance of the roof, which is a bit of a characteristic of St. Mark’s.

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