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Likewise. It’s very like St. Mark’s Church on Pearse Street. Where exactly was it gunter, and when was it knocked do you know?

And in a similar vein, and right next door, it seems another structure here has recently bitten the dust that’s been puzzling me for a while. Christine Casey mentions the following: “Nearby on Garden Lane is a simple classical building of 1819, now used as an abattoir. An attractive essay in the utilitarian classicism practised by Francis Johnston and his circle. Two-storey three-bay central block, rendered with blind ground-floor arcade, panelled screen walls and an arch at each end. What was its original purpose?”

A more pertinent question now is where was it? There’s nothing of this nature on the abattoir site that I’m aware of. Was it on the site of the thoroughly hideous block of apartments that’s just gone up with multiple dead frontages onto Carman’s Hall and Catherine Street? This would have been developed after the area was surveyed.

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