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@johnglas wrote:

You’ve gone on to a completely different argument; why should ‘distaste’ (oddly anally-retentive word) lead to ‘insecurity’? OK. it’s run-down, but it’s interesting compared to the manicured banality of suburbia. The principal reason for strolling up to Henrietta St is Henrietta St!

There’s nothing as anally retentive as using the phrase “anally retentive”. I think that when streets are dirty and unkempt, even if there’s little danger of being mugged, people feel insecure. I’m sure there’s some deep-seated psychological reason for it. And plead ignorance if you want, but I know most of you know what I mean. In any case, people are unlikely to randomly wander to Henrietta Street in the same way they would to Fitzwilliam Square.

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