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Also, in case you haven’t seen this:

Ryan W. Kennihan Architects wins Henrietta Street Ideas Competition

The commission of an Open Ideas Architectural Design Competition to
address the site of No. 16 Henrietta Street was enshrined as a policy
in the Henrietta Street Conservation Plan, (2006). The competition was
organised by the Royal Institutes of Architects of Ireland (RIAI). The
competition aimed to establish a design framework for the development
of the site, which is informed by the Conservation Plan and best
architectural practice, and to generate debate and discussion on the
challenge of contemporary design as in-fill in sensitive historic
settings. Design approaches were open to each entrant and could
include designs sympathetic to the context and setting without being
archaeologically correct or historically precise, and which is not
pastiche; and infill design that contrasts strongly with the
architectural language, setting and context of Henrietta Street.

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