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I have a well advanced design which I came up with myself and have modelled in 3D. I’m no architect, but I appreciate good design, and the basic footprint of the house is very much dictated by the location, views, and access constraints, plus the open space rules. I know what i want very clearly. In fact, maybe TOO clearly. Some architects seem put off by the fact that I have produced as much as I have. One guy told me (in a rude 2 line email) that I don’t need an architect, just a draftsman – hehehe. I think he felt his ‘artistic integrity’ was undermined. 😀

why don’t you hand your layouts and 3d representations to a builder and leave him do a spec, price the job, do all the work (which isn’t much in your view) to get it planning, then build it off his own bat, unsupervised. see what you end up with, then you can begin to understand why architects charge the fees they do.

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