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Thanks for the replies.
Doc, I have a well advanced design which I came up with myself and have modelled in 3D. I’m no architect, but I appreciate good design, and the basic footprint of the house is very much dictated by the location, views, and access constraints, plus the open space rules. I know what i want very clearly. In fact, maybe TOO clearly. Some architects seem put off by the fact that I have produced as much as I have. One guy told me (in a rude 2 line email) that I don’t need an architect, just a draftsman – hehehe. I think he felt his ‘artistic integrity’ was undermined. 😀

The point I’m making is that there isn’t much issue with this design. I’m open to changes, and certain details aren’t yet included, but its not ‘from scratch’ and its not amorphous in concept.
And yet – the costings are ALL coming out around this 12.5% number!

Competition? Why do I keep getting this so called ‘survey’ of RIAI fees shoved under my nose to justify a fixed % quote? Its not being treated like ‘a survey’ but a proper scale of fees!

Maybe we need a Michael O’Leary in the architecture business?

Wearnicehats – I appreciate that Dublin is more expensive to live and work in. I don’t believe builders are always justified in upping their prices to the levels they do, but at least I can shop around with them and expect to not have a scale of fees trotted out. I have been quoted 1979 euro per sqM by Griffner Coillte for a timber frame house on my site. So already I know I can save on build costs.

But here’s a question for you.
How can an architect demand a percentage of the build cost to include the fittings? If I choose to put Granite worktops in my kitchen instead of formica – how do you justify the extra you will receive on a percentage fee basis?

PS. I might get an architect from outside Dublin yet. I have a friend who is an established architect in the UK and he is gobsmacked at these fees. He wants to immigrate. Says the most he’s ever seen from a residential project in the UK was 12K, and that was a big house.:cool:

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