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Blackrock has really gone up market since Dermot saved the football pitch alright.

Still I have to say that I am surprised that the condition was reversed, I think that it was one of the best conditions I have ever seen in terms of protecting a local rating base. It is not too late to acknowledge one error and enshrine this protection into all legislation that will have mutliple effects on all classes of retailing. For the reason that if City/Town centres aren’t supported the government will have to up their subventions to local authorities as more second tier occupiers (i.e Wicklow St/ Dawson St, Oliver Plunket St, Cruises St, St Augustine St) leave heavily rated areas for the industrial rent/rate costs of the Praries.

IKEA can work at this location of that I am positive, but there needs to be the necessary supports for the entire town of Ballymun and safegaurds for the M50 & Dublin Bus fleet as well. I went to the Square in Tallaght recently on the Luas and I’d have to say it was a very positive experience leaving Jervis Centre, not being stressed out by the traffic and landing on a great retail selection.

I think that with a large local population, pending shopping centre and IKEA, Ballymun could become a retail hub in the same way that Tallaght and Blanchardstown have become but if traffic management & capacity aren’t put in place this will end in tears of diesel from so many gridlocked exhausts, and at peak times it could even render the port tunnel ineffective such is its potential effect on the M50. What is required is that the Luas for Ballymun be fast-tracked and the a QBC inserted and superior transport facilities provided for all Dublin Buses fleet based at Horizon.

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