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From the City Development Plan 2009-2015:
page 160

“Policy 13.15 City Centre Tourism
The City Council will continue to support and develop the city centre’s tourist economy and work closely with tourism
agencies to develop strategies that build on the City’s tourist appeal.
13.41 To develop the City Centre’s range of hotels the City Council will support the upgrade of the
existing hotel accommodation base where appropriate and encourage the development of medium to large
hotels outside of the fine grain of the historic core in accessible and attractive locations close to the City
Centre. In order to provide a level of direction to the market, the City Council has identified potential
locations where hotel applications would be favourably considered. These provide the opportunity to
combine waterfront locations, mixed use developments, and active frontages at ground floor level as well as
expanding the quality hotel base in the City Centre:
�� Albert Quay / Eglinton Street block.
�� Sullivan’s Quay
�� Copley Street/South Terrace”

would fit with the theory, but isn’t proof one way or the other

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