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Returning to the Marshes shopping centre, the big problem is that it has effectively killed off Clanbrassil street as the shopping centre of the town, a lot of work needs to go into regenerating the centre of the town. Principally, the Market square is and always has been a disaster, and that pavilion and fountain should be wiped clean off it. It is completely under-used, sadly, only by the winos, there were problems when the farmers market set up there, on a public square called Market square, they were told they could not use it! The Marshes Centre is quite close to the town centre but has no proper pedestrian access from the centre. It operates as a seperate bubble and dosen’t integrate into the town.

Of course the problem is people love it, some architect visited the town for an afternoon, seen some old red brick buildings and a cathedral near the site. It seems they got an encyclopedia article on architecture and asked a six year old or my granny what she would like.

Aside from the poor location and linking with the nearby town centre, and the montage of Disney elements, and the sheer length of the building, it’s layout inside is even crap, when you enter through the grand mosque entrance, closest to the town centre, you are faced with a long empty nothing and a wall

Its full of all those shit British high street shops, and it’s advanced food court consists of KFC, Burger King and Subway – then there is an O’Briens & Costa Coffee elsewhere in the building. Security are everywhere and toilets are next to impossible to find.

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