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*trumpet fanfare*

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Marshes Shopping Centre Dundalk:
(Images © Walt Disney Corporation. All rights reserved)

The main entrance to the centre from the town on Ramparts Roads:

You then turn a corner which reveals a monumental ‘streetscape’ façade, reaching as far as the eye can see. First on the cards is the noble Ramparts Palace, winter residence of Penneys and the Sweet Factory, which converts to an orangery for the summer months:

The beautifully proportioned windows of the State Apartments above:

(with frilly horns)

A little further down one encounters the principal entrance block, which is a cross between an American colonial district courthouse, the town hall in a Hornby train set, and a one-off ranch in Cavan:

…with all important date-stamp in the pediment (okay tympanum).

The signature corner building at the very far end, apparently inspired by the celebrated work of Sylvanian Families, though to my educated eye I’d say there’s more than a hint of Playmobil in there too:

…especially in the neighbouring block:

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