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Just some pics of the latest addition to Dundalk’s skyline – the much talked about DKIT wind turbine which provides the Institute with (depending on who you talk to) 50-80% of its electricity requirements:

It is just enormous, as most of these turbines are – towering to (again depending on who you listen to) 60m or 80m at the entrance to the town.
Had to laugh at previous concerns about tall development going up behind Carrolls – literally within about 2 days this thing just appeared on the skyline to everyone’s astonishment!:

Wonder what Mr Tallon makes of it 🙂

It cost just over €1 million to build, and should pay for itself in 7/8 years – surplus power is expected to be supplied to the Grid.

It’s very striking – you can clearly see if from two miles away south of the town.

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