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I heard that too about Park Street parkstreet :). It’s a nice idea (in a restricted fashion) considering it is already a strongly pedestrian area. I’d like to see it happen along the stretch from Dunnes up Earl St, it could generate a really lovely atmosphere here. The traffic implications could be difficult though, it being such a major artery with two roads linking from the Ramparts also to consider.
This Imperial area only feels cramped though because of all the on-street parking. If this was removed and the pavements widened it would help no end.
At least further south there’s lots of space for both traffic and pedestrians to mingle quite happily.

Here’s a lovely Victorian on Park Street beside the old distiguished Bank of Ireland – the famous incorrectly spelled ‘Pheonix Bar’ 🙂

It’s got a fine set of original sashes with fantastic shimmering cylinder/sheet glass – wonderful survivors.

The development featured before for Market Square is underway already – the site has been cleared of all that junk!

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