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Hmmm – which is which 🙂

Isn’t Carroll’s just a fabulous building? (it’s never going to be known under any other name :))

It’s something you’d never in a million years expect in the far flung reaches of Ireland, and a building most people are probably completely unaware of even existing – it is reminiscent of a structure in a US suburban business park: a sprawling low-rise pile of glass and steel surrounded by perfectly manicured lawns.

Imagine coming from the UK or other more developed countries in 1969, and suddenly hitting upon this striking piece of architecture in the middle of nowhere in north-eastern Ireland!
Especially considering DKIT next door didn’t even exist, none of the industrial estate to the rear had been developed, and the miles of ribbon housing that now flank it on both sides hadn’t even started. – it was out there on its own, a magnificent introduction to the town from the south.

It has aged exceptionally well, as has the surrounding landscape which is as important as the building itself. It has some spectacular tree specimens, and the lawns are as neat as they were nearly 40 years ago. The only thing is the shrubbery lining the Dublin Road has been allowed get out of hand and is now obscuring views of the building.

It’s an under-rated building in the town, though appreciation for it is gradually growing I think. Saying that, there has always been a liking for the fabulous sculpture to the front:

…which stands in a glass-like pool of water.

The two ‘control towers’ 🙂 on top make for very striking pieces of architecture when viewed from certain angles – they settle neatly beside each other in some views, beautifully composing the building with the lower storey splaying out in different directions underneath in an almost comforting fashion, like the towers are standing guard over the complex below.
And the main views from the N1 are equally well served by them – they line up strikingly with the the storey below, as well as add interest to the skyline.

Miesian corners are of course beautifully featured (this is Ronnie Tallon afterall :))

…and the uppermost course of glazing is continued the whole way round the building – not just the office section but the factory too, over its lovely beige brickwork, tieing the whole scheme together into a whole – an inspired move when one considers how disjointed the complex could have been with the factory element seperate from administration as is so often the case.

And the reflections of the early morning and late evening sun in its acres of glazing are just to die for – not to mention a very rare mist that shrouds the lower storey on magical winter mornings if you’re lucky enough to catch it – happens only on the morning of a full blue moon 🙂

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