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Just taking a closer look at that Georgian and yikes, things do not look good at close quarters.

There is an impressive rubble stone mill-like building to the rear, so it would explain the grand merchant character of the house.

This was lying forlornly in the shop window…

In fairness now, the Salon of Carton House was not exactly the best choice of cover photograph for engendering in the typical novice reader an appreciation of the modest charms of architectural heritage…

Like this incredible nearby street of tiny urban vernacular cottages for example; one of the most unique streetscapes in Ireland.

As you walk along Mary Street North, the eaves of the houses are almost level with your head. Alas, in spite of being an ACA for the past five-plus years, this is now the solitary house on the street in original condition. A crying shame.

Curiously, the houses appear to have been built with rather gradiose chimney pots. The vast majority have been replaced in recent years, so it’s almost impossible to tell which are the originals, but the predominance of this square type above all others suggests this yellow teracotta pot is it.

A stack with notions indeed.

Also, just to record it for posterity, as we all know what’s going to happen, this beautiful little vernacular house and shop, with typically Irish classical shopfront and attendant grounds, survives a short walk away.

The house next door appears to be a later addition entirely, rather than a modernised house.

What can we say other than RIP?

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