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@GrahamH wrote:

The adjacent building, seen above, looks extremely ancient and requires further investigation. It’s not protected at the minute.

. . . interesting window arrangement there Graham. On the basis of what we we just found out about Newry and what we know about Drogheda, could be worth looking into.

Just as an aside, I came across this ugly gem in Collon, other end of County Louth.

The shopfront seems to have been assembled using a truckload of architectural salvage, in no particular order.

However, in perhaps some measure of redress, the establishment is called ”The Hangin’ Head”

‘ASS’s [Architectural Salvage Suppliers] are a huge problem in this country in that, as well as supplying salvaged material they also create the demand for architectural features that can only be satisfied by ripping them out of their rightful place.

Further indications that there may be an ‘ASS’ holed up in the Collon area, is this house directly opposite ‘The Hangin’ Head’ which features a complete mid 18th century door surround, in amongst a diverse collection of salvages stone steps and a pair of ornamental lions.

nice :rolleyes:

Much of the rest of the streetscape of this one-street town is 18th and 19th century stuff, of understated quality.

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