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Also one of many surviving retail buildings. Absolutely pristine.

And this little gem further down Bridge Street. I remember being dragged whinging into this shop as a child. It was one of the last surviving local businesses that sold absolutely everything in its field – in this case haberdashery.

The two little amalgamated shops with low timber-lined ceilings were packed to the rafters with every product under the sun. The owner, a Mrs Flynn, used to just rummage through piles of bags and boxes to get what you were looking for – i.e. you always had to ask đŸ™‚

Goodness knows what’s going to happen to it now, if a few doors down is anything to go by….

The former Wiseman’s Inn – a handsome classical building mauled. This is happening absolutely everywhere.

While this development, which can only be described as criminal, has just been thrown up next door.

Mountjoy Women’s Prison has greater appeal. Shocking, shocking stuff.

I passed this rare survivor yesterday, which was posted here a few years ago and is now up for sale. It is on the An Tasice Buildings at Risk register. Incredibly, this perfectly intact, possibly small farm/holding building or forge, is just off the busy main street of the town.

This grand, symmetrical late Georgian (really Victorian) terrace of 1851 dominates the centre of the town. Extremely old-fashioned in detailing for its date, in Dublin it’d be about 1790. Again it is in pristine original condition, though sadly recent incremental changes are already altering this in spite of PS and ACA designations.

Scott Tallon Walker’s elegant new theatre extension to DKIT. Very hot.

And the Crowne Plaza in a flash moment of enlightenment.

A building that elevates beyond the average when seen from certain angles. Strangely, it looks like it’s fashioned out of cardboard.

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