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@GrahamH wrote:

No FXR, your conclusion is wrong.

Many cyclists use the Millenium Bridge, footpaths and break some rules of the road such as floating through red pedestrian lights, precisely to make matters safer for themselves, to avoid dangerous junctions, to get ahead of traffic, or avoid hostile places such as the quays.

Secondly, one may break every rule in the book and still have the utmost regard and respect for pedestrians by the nature of how one cycles.

Again FXR, your sweeping statements do you zero favours.

Showing a regard for pedestrians would mean not cycling over pedestrian bridges, on narrow footpaths, in narrow pedestrian walkways, on crowed pedestrian streets, coming the wrong way through red lights (where the pedestrians are instructed to look in the other direction). It’s an evasive twist to excuse all that by putting regard for pedestrian as being less important than cyclists (who could easily dismount as a minority of them do) because the cyclists are only making things safer for themselves so stuff the pedestrians. It’s a bit like excusing a moped for driving on the footpath because there are too many potholes. If they did it slowly and carefully with “the utmost regard for pedestrians” they’d be laughed out of court. It’s also an evasive sidestep to mention breaking every rule in the book as only being relative to pedestrians. The majority of cyclists break every rule in the book on or off the road. I didn’t make a sweeping statement: I made a statement based n the evidence as shown.

Your’e welcome to come up with evidence to the contrary which so far no one has even attempted.

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