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@exene1 wrote:

C.’mon, leave it over FXR !! …. everyone is sickaya now. Ya made yer point long ago.

And what’s been solved? Nothing.

The original idea was to first identify the problem, then identify the causes and then to come up with solutions. That’s never going to happen. This is Ireland after all. A tiny fraction of what it costs to build a cycle lane and a three week campaign could make all the difference. I told Joe Duffy’s researcher where to go because the show was just going to be yet another “I saw one do this and I saw one do that” farce. That’s exactly what happened on Friday the 17th of June. It’s like the Gerry Springer show without the shouting and the tattoos.

The people ultimately responsible here are those who run the city. If any single group is allowed to do whatever they like, travel the road unqualified and take any sort of risks regardless then that’s just what they’ll do.

In the future under present policy, with the blind push to put more and more cyclists on the road, unregulated and without proper facilities, someone will be killed, injured or severely traumatised. The pedestrian environment will get worse and the city will see bikes left all over the place. You can bet on it.

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