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@Satrastar wrote:

The Lisbon treaty comment is pretty stupid; (apart from the obvious fact that the Lisbon did get a different answer the second time)
I mentioned the already mentioned points in full awareness that they had already been made, in order to demonstrate that you never addressed them properly. And you’re calling me stupid!
That helicopter comment is equally pathetic. My original comment stated that roads are not for cars only. You then implied that I said that they were only for bicycles and this is completely false. You know that, but intentionally misrepresent my comments.

See the answer by Wearnicehats which put’s that to bed.

@Satrastar wrote:

You haven’t addressed anything properly.

The problem appears to be you can’t recognise it when it happens which is probably why you think it didn’t.
@Satrastar wrote:

I haven’t evaded mention of the reckless cyclists. I don’t deny they exist. Reckless drivers exist too. Corrupt police exist. Negligent doctors exist too.

There you go off into the same meaningless statement again. You are attempting to hide the fact the vast majority of cyclists behave as I’ve described more than enough times. All you can do is make unreferenced blanket generalisations that don’t mean anything or even make any attempt at facing the problem. Then you had the brass neck to claim I wasn’t proposing any solutions. Of course you’ve avoided the answer I gave you the last time you tried that one.
@Satrastar wrote:

You have filmed several individual incidents of reckless cyclists and on that basis, you expect us all to believe that cyclists as a group are reckless. This is a sign of your stupidity or a sign that you think we are all stupid. Either way, I have finished feeding trolls.

No you haven’t finished, it’s more like you’re getting out of Dodge with your pants on fire. I’ve provided more than enough evidence and you’ve come up with zero. If you had actually looked at the evidence you’d know how ridiculous and downright stupid it is to quantify a few hundred cyclists breaking the law, acting recklessly, endangering themselves and others as…and this is really as stupid as it gets….”several individuals”. You are also such a spineless individual that even though, as Wearnicehats has pointed out, you get something completely wrong you can’t even admit it. Then after being completely deflated after acting more like a troll than a little blue man from Scandinavian you start calling us trolls. I’d suggest you pass your own comments before a mirror before posting them.

And in the next post more evidence just for the record. Roll it there Colette…

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