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Sorry for not replying sooner but I’m not getting any notifications from this site.

The overall theme here is not just cyclists rather the bigger picture is that the City of Dublin is suffering an almost total absence of management.

Dublin is a small city and it’s not possible to adequately accommodate all those who use the streets to the point that each interest is fully catered for. Dublin was not designed from a blank sheet in it’s present size: it evolved almost haphazardly.

In the case of cyclists there is no enforcement of any laws or any attempt at management of the thousands of cyclists. The more wheelchair friendly the city has become the more cyclists have populated pedestrian areas. A cyclists using the footpath, breaking red lights etc can individually, case by case, seem innocuous. The problem is the complete freedom cyclists have to do whatever they like is acting as an incubator for the kind of behaviour in the slideshow below.

Dublin Cyclists Wild Frontier.

PS: In terms of pedestrian streets, bridges and walkways it’s very often forgotten that pedestrians include the visually impaired, small children and wheelchair users.

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